A temporary exhibition exploring station architecture.

The exhibition had a small budget so Mark Sutton Vane decided that a simple lighting idea was needed to tell the story of the dramatic stations. He realised that the roofs of many of the Victorian stations appear as silhouettes against daylight, so a light based shadow projection could reproduce these atmospheric silhouettes.

With a lot of experimentation, the Sutton Vane Associates team designed the shadow projectors, rectangular boxes with one sloping side to link with the shapes designed by ZMMA, the exhibition designer. A projection of the station’s roof was shone above each cluster describing that station. The visitor feels they are in the station.

The museum’s spotlights were used to carefully light the exhibits and keep to the required lux levels for the original drawings. The huge stone head was lit dramatically. The relative brightness of the light projections and the spotlights was carefully adjusted.

To continue the silhouette theme, spots were aimed to make shadows on the floor that reinforce the shadows on the ceiling.

The graphic outside the exhibition picks up the theme by using a silhouette.

“We think the job your team did on the lighting is absolutely fantastic!  … The lighting looks amazing. The work you did to create interesting shadows showed a real understanding of the exhibition concept and the specialness of some of the objects on show. Thank you!”

Ellen Tait, National Railway Museum.

Exhibition Designer: ZMMA

Exhibition Contractor: SetWorks