Sutton Vane Associates recently finished lighting the Ambulatory at the Mercers’ Hall in the City of London. This formed the second phase of a project to make the hall a more attractive and versatile venue for activities ranging from wedding receptions to business meetings.

The Ambulatory is a broad, low-ceilinged basement level space with no natural light, which leads to the hall chapel. Now suitable for a variety of functions, in day-to-day use it can now be lit entirely by LEDs, massively improving the atmosphere and versatility of the space. Controls with sliders and scene-setting allow the client to reconfigure the lighting to suit the occasion. 

Further improvements were also made to the chapel lighting that had been renewed in Phase 1 when control systems were added and 1950s cold cathode replaced with modern equipment. In Phase 2 dimmable tungsten halogen spotlights were installed to light statues in the chapel, and new controls were added and the the overall lighting reprogrammed to take this into account.