A book of these sculptures/ collages is presently in preparation entitled ,


“from Stage Design to Abstract Art”

It represents  a move of my career as a designer of some 250 productions of theatre, opera and dance throughout the world since the early 1960s – including some 30 for the Royal Shakespeare company in Stratford, London and abroad.

My fundamental   approach to the visual statement on stage  has always been the search for the  METAPHOR  inherent in the subject, be it a play or an opera. In the case of the latter, the music was an additional vital consideration.

From my early days, my intuition, call it instinct, has guided me to an abstracted representation of the setting. 

I have had the good fortune  to be invited by the given director to resolve a visual statement to focus the direction and for him/her to direct and work with the actors or singers to arrive at a consistent and valid production  true to the author`s intentions and  capture the interest and understanding of the audience. Inevitably as time moves on, perceptions  have changed, as has my own awareness of these.

My new and more recent non- theatre work has subconsciously evolved from my stage abstractions – a short step into contemporary “ FINE ART” - over the past ten years. Artists throughout history have always moved on to explore and progress along new lines – think Picasso as an obvious example.  Artists never retire before the end of their days. I myself am in the process of moving from the rust inspired  metal  work along new lines and directions.

Ralph Koltai;   C.B.E.    R.D.I

Metal  collages and sculptures can be viewed on Ralph`s website:


Email: ralph.koltai@orange.fr

Some of his metal artwork is now being exhibited at The Westcliffe Gallery, 2-8 Augusta Street. Sheringham  Norfolk.NR26 8 LA


email: enquiries@westcliffegallery.com