Sutton Vane Associates designed the lighting for Scale Lane Footbridge and its surroundings to bring the area to life at night. We worked with the architects McDowell + Benedetti and the contractor, Qualter Hall, to produce a stunning bridge that would be a beacon for Hull. When the bridge turns, it moves so slowly that it is possible to step onto the bridge or even stand on the bridge while it is moving. It is an exciting experience. The whole bridge rotates to let ships pass. It is the only rotating bridge in the UK. There is a building on the bridge that turns as the bridge rotates.

Sutton Vane Associates designed the light to show off this exciting rotating bridge and to light the deck and stairs safely.

A line of red LEDs along the roof emphasise the shape of the building on the bridge and the bridge structure, they chase when the bridge moves. The glazed triangle on the roof of the building is internally lit so it also glows red. Lights built into the balustrade illuminate the decking with no glare to pedestrians on the bridge. These lights are designed to let light out over the water to make bright points of light all along the bridge and so make reflections in the water which are seen from the shore - this gives a magical beauty to the scene at night.

The gardens at one end of the bridge were lit with under-seat lighting and simple stylish lamp posts and also with fittings on custom posts. These light the spaces, making the area a friendly and welcoming space for the public to enjoy.

When the bridge moves at night there is synchronised bird song and lights which makes the whole experience exciting. This stunning bridge is a multi-award winner and a real jewel in the crown for Hull, city of culture for 2017.