A glass display at the Museum of Liverpool containing John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1969 peace protest bedspread, lit by Sutton Vane Associates.

A glass display at the Museum of Liverpool containing John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1969 peace protest bedspread, lit by Sutton Vane Associates.

Six Sutton Vane Associates projects have been short-listed for the Lighting Design Awards, 2013. They are the London 2012 Park and Public Realm Lighting Strategy (Exterior); Titanic Belfast (International, Exterior); the Museum of Liverpool (Public Buildings); Gosforth Parish Church (Low Carbon) and two special projects: the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Light Trail and Ravenscourt Baptist Church Hall.


London 2012 Public Realm Lighting Strategy moves to next stage

Sutton Vane Associates’ lighting strategy and the design of the iconic Memory Masts have put the London 2012 Olympic Park Landscape and Public Realm (PPR) in contention for a Lighting Design Award. The practice’s involvement began in 2008 and the strategy will continue to shape the lighting in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the Games’ legacy phase begins in 2014.


Titanic, Belfast: lighting provides narrative

The visitor experience at Titanic Belfast begins as the iconic building comes into view. In addition to lighting all the public areas inside the museum, Sutton Vane Associates also meticulously lit the facade and plaza. This involved focusing light on to individual facets of the facade to create a dramatic effect while skillfully avoiding light pollution and reflecting light on to the plaza. 


Museum of Liverpool: scale and daylight present a challenge

The Museum of Liverpool is the largest newly-built national museum in the UK for more than 100 years. The design of the building and constraints imposed by the base build meant that lighting its vast exhibition spaces presented the team led by Mark Sutton Vane with a variety of challenges. However, daylighting studies enabled the team to develop a lighting scheme that took the architecture fully into account and is adaptable, efficient and more than able to cope with the demands of a museum of this scale. The solution includes an array of more than 1,000 specially adapted, track-mounted spotlights, lighting controls and replica fittings. 


Ravenscourt Baptist Church Hall made more versatile

Sutton Vane Associates’ scheme for Ravenscourt Baptist Church Hall has been shortlisted as special project. Mark Sutton Vane’s innovative design has created a flexible and low-cost lighting system that enables the space to be used for a wide range of social uses. 


Light Trail opens festival

Sutton Vane Associates devised a Light Trail – a series of installations for visitors to discover and interact with around town – to open the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, the second annual month-long mutli-arts event, which started in September. The Light Trail was an engaging and thought-provoking set of ‘light interventions’ developed for specific locations.


Gosforth Parish Church seen in a new eco-friendly light

Gosforth Parish Church has been comprehensively re-lit, replacing inadequate and inefficient lighting with a low-maintenance scheme that is easily controlled and sympathetic with the architecture and heritage of the building. 

The Lighting Design Awards 2013 take place on 27 March at the London Hilton Park Lane Hotel.