Last week Mark Sutton Vane presented his talk titled ‘The Delight of Shadows’ to a packed room at South America’s largest specialist lighting event, IALD Enlighten Americas 2016 held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

His chosen topic sparked so much interest that the organisers doubled his allocated time slot to allow for audience participation.

The first half of the talk focused around a presentation on the softer side of lighting.  Mark spoke about the emotion that light and shadow can convey, touching on how to bring out the heart and soul of a room or space by using shadow and light to create truly emotive visual effects. This section also featured more of a technical insight into the ‘Spirit of Shadows’ and demonstrated best practice when working with spaces of differing design and size.

For the final part Mark introduced an interactive element, volunteers from the audience who included budding light enthusiasts from the University of Colorado who used an array of Mark’s specially created cut outs, torches, and filters with varying strengths of light, diffusion, and colour in order to create majestic patterns on the auditorium walls.  Much fun was had by all.

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