The ‘First Emperor’ was one of the most significant temporary exhibitions of the past 30 years. Held within the famous Round Reading Room of the British Museum the exhibition was seen by over 650,000 visitors during its short 6 months run. The project had an almost impossible series of challenges. The final result was strong on spectacle and drama whilst providing sensitive lighting to rare artifacts on display.

“Exhibition designers and curators have to work hard to create a sense of spectacle; but they succeed brilliantly. The museum’s great Round Reading Room has been temporarily adapted into an atmospheric show space”.
Rachel Campbell-Johnston (The Times)

“The exhibition beautifully illuminates an amazing archaeological find”
Diane Fortenberry (Blueprint)

“The lighting is solemn and theatrical but it works well and the journey remains lucid, thought provoking and gripping”
Waldemar Januszczak (The Sunday Times)