Having designed the lighting for the Parklands and Public Realm of the London Olympics, Mark Sutton Vane was invited to design the lighting of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The lighting is dramatic to reinforce the excitement and drama of the Games.

Visitors get to the exhibition by a ramp surrounded by a wall of tensioned translucent rods lit with gentle rippling coloured light. The rods also allow views up to the lit exhibition and they carry moving video projections. They are optically very busy.

The original vases from the first Olympic Games are up-lit so they look as if they are emerging from the ground.

Around the whole exhibition Sutton Vane Associates designed special slats in the ceiling to hide the spotlights.

In the wonderful parade of Olympic Torches, each torch is individually intensely spotlit to encourage reflections. Moving flames are projected onto the floor.

SVA Olympic Museum 5 Torch.JPG

The costumes from Opening Ceremonies are beside a huge video of the Ceremonies. To extend the effect of the video, the lighting around the mannequins changes colour to match the colours in the videos. Tricky integration!

Many exhibits on open display are given a soft light from the barriers surrounding the displays.

In one gallery the exhibits from Summer Olympics are lit with warm white and the Winter Olympics are lit with a cool light.

The museum is now the second most visited museum in Switzerland.

Museum Master Plan: Metaphor

Exhibition Designers: Mather & Co

Contractor with design input: Paragon Creative Ltd

AV Consultant: Electrosonic