Image Courtesy of The Wallace Collection

Image Courtesy of The Wallace Collection

The Great Gallery lighting scheme by Sutton Vane Associates gives a natural wash of light throughout the gallery, using a combination natural light and wall washing floodlights. The lighting has given new life to the collection, ensuring visitors view the paintings clearly and without the glare from reflections. Masterpieces like “The Laughing Cavalier” can now be seen clearly.

Shown above is the lighting to highlight the paintings, this is used during public visiting hours. A variety of light scenes have been created for events which include dining, presentations, and parties of all kinds. LED light fittings are used to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. Extensive testing was carried out to find light sources that showed off the world-class collection of paintings in this gallery.

“Daylight brings the room alive, and lends sparkle to the paintings, enhanced by an entirely new lighting scheme predominantly LEDs by, Sutton Vane Associates.”
Holly Kirkwood, Country Life magazine

“New LED lighting that feels warmer, softer and kinder to the pictures than any I’ve encountered before.”
Richard Dorment, The Telegraph

The lighting scheme was awarded “Highly Commended” at the Lighting Design Awards, 2015.