Sutton Vane Associates designed the lighting of this iconic building. Titanic Belfast is a major tourist attraction beside the dock where the ship was built, it commemorates all aspects of the Titanic’s history. An enormous variety of lighting is used, for example there are accurate reproductions of the lights in the cabins, drama is added to elements of the structure and to make the visitor experience more exciting.

Part of the experience is a dark ride. The cars travel through a recreation of the ship yard and see the Titanic being built. The red-hot glow of molten metal is created and the rivets, tools and important features are emphasised by the light. Later in the attraction, cold blue watery effects are used to emphasise the sinking.

The surrounding area is lit by light reflected off the building. The exterior lighting was designed to have no visible or distracting lighting equipment so that the building stands out as a beacon for this part of Belfast. 

200_Titanic_Boomtown Belfast_Interactive_01.jpg